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Mustafa Küreç

Where the hell is statue?


In my mind

Moral of the story

Humanity tends to fear or magnify what it cannot grasp. Man's perspective on works of art, on the other hand, is in the nature of focusing on shallow and temporary satisfactions, rather than exploring existential depths and solving the secrets of the universe.

Art is one of the most powerful ways to descend into the inner world of man, to understand the mysteries of the universe and to question the meaning of life deeply. However, in today's world dominated by visual violence, consumer culture and the pursuit of instant gratification, people tend to see art only as a form of entertainment or a superficial aesthetic experience.

My work highlights the vulnerability of humanity and defends the idea that the observed object deserves to be taken seriously in order to be seen or understood. I emerge as an abstract approach; It is impossible for you to touch or hold me as I am incredibly sensitive. To see and understand me, you have to come close to me, and as you get closer, you will see how much I have grown before you.

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I make miniature sculptures that gain meaning with simple descriptions on the tips of pencils. When chipping the tips of pencils, I often use different types of scaler blades and penetrating materials that are commonly used.


About My Works

Charcoal is a work that I prefer because it creates a more flexible workspace in terms of abstraction and emphasis. Pencil drawing is an incredible atmosphere where I can navigate between black and white, light and shadow. It combines strong expressions and flexibility, and it's a platform where I can focus on the details.


Acrylic paints create a more lively and energetic effect, while gouache paints can provide a more nuanced and pastel effect. Acrylic is at the forefront of my work when I want to spend time with various colors with its strong pigmentation while disappearing between layers. For emotional times when I want my works to have a soft and warm look in pastel tones, my priority is gouache.

Paper & Wood


I planted pencils in arid soil, but it wasn't the right season.

The Rulership


Come to an End

The Position

The Self-fulfilling


The Better Half

The Liberation

The Last of Us


Mustafa Küreç's Biography

Mustafa is born in Ankara in 1983, and his story begins.

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